Lighting Retrofits

Here’s How Updating Your Lights Will Save You Money

What Is A Lighting Retrofit?

A Lighting Retrofit is the process of making your business, office, or commercial lighting more efficient by upgrading your old lamps and lighting fixtures. Companies that get a lighting retrofit done to their business see drastic energy savings, brighter work facilities, and safer working conditions. A Lighting Retrofit is pretty much a fancy way of saying you’re going to upgrade your old lights for new, more efficient lights.

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What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Lighting Retrofit?

Getting a lighting retrofit job has huge benefits to you and your business. Here are some of the great benefits you will get when you decide to get a lighting retrofit.

  • Lower Energy Bills – When you get a lighting retrofit you will see drastic changes to your energy bill. Some companies have reported of savings of up to 70% each month.
  • Lower Maintenance Cost – After getting your lighting retrofit job done complete you will notice lower operating, and maintenance cost for your business.
  • Brighter & Safer Work Area – Changing your lights with new LED lighting will ensure that your work area is bright, allowing your employees to see better, be more aware, and avoid accidents.
  • Decreased “Light Pollution” – LED lights ensure that you have less light pollution for clear visibility.
  • Fast ROI – Most companies that get a lighting retrofit on average will see their return on investment in less than 2 years.
  • Better Light Means Better Security – Brighter lights mean that it is much harder for people to steal from your business.
  • Rebate Incentives Offered – Many companies can get help with paying for their lighting retrofit job with government incentive programs.